You chose not to choose. No commitment, no pain.
Like a package relationship fresh from the shelf.
If my heart chose the fast lane, there’s no one to fault
Cos I’m off in the distance, lost in the fog.

Two people so close and yet so far apart,
More alike in some ways than their kith and their kin,
Sitting on the fence and making small-talk.
Talking about everything except that which matters.

You can’t be twice shy till you’ve opened your heart
For another to take a bite.
But that moment never arrived, and the boat left empty.
I was mouthing the words as I watched from the quayside.

Till the shadows of silence cast doubt in the mind.
Till those shadows take substance and cast theirs in turn.
The light of expression could have chased them away –
So where was my voice when I needed to speak?

It’s not from selfishness or misplaced pride
That “might-have-beens” are simply not to be.
No choice left now but to set my heart aside,
Who says I have to do this logically?

We’re young, and all our lives are still before us.
Don’t plan too far ahead: cos plans won’t wear.
Love’s shifting sands might sweep our footprints from us.
But in my mind, their imprint’s always there.