Reality bites hard and you feel it.
There’s something that’s gnawing inside.
Turning round somehow always you face it
Then your eyes start to fill and you hide.

It’s not easy to suffer in silence.
Don’t carry that weight all alone.
There’s no one to blame and you know it
And life’s a long time on your own.

Someone up there put friends on this planet –
A marvellous invention I’m sure –
To serve as a timely reminder
And lift your chin up off the floor.

They’re suddenly there when you need them:
They emerge from the cracks in the wall,
They pop up from the back of the sofa,
Then you’re not on your own at all.

When you’re not at your best, and the world gets too much
Then your friends will be strong and true.
They’ll stand by your side, and they’ll keep you afloat
But you know that already, don’t you?