I hate veg. Don’t make me eat it.
I won’t give in till it’s stone cold.
I’ll give that smile: and then it’s hopeless.
You’ll never win an argument with a seven-year-old.

Catch me! Oh, you can’t. Shall I run slower?
Can I keep the change? Ar, go ‘ed, pleeease?
Can I stay out just ten more minutes?
Cos it’s not dark an’ I won’t sleep.

Ally ally in, no back-answers!
I know where you’ve all hid so where’s the fun in that?
I can see the grown-ups watching
Ready to open the door and shout
If I go anywhere near their garden.

It might be thick as pig-shit but it always brings it back.
Drool flying everywhere it wants another throw.
Eats cats for breakfast but sticks when there’s no cats.
My dog’s the bollocks!